“The most important single central
fact about a free market is that
no exchange takes place unless
both parties benefit.”

— Milton Friedman

making a case for our work.

When it comes to campaign evaluation, the Huggins Consulting Group approach is simple…
did we meet or exceed campaign objectives and create valuable return on your marketing investment? Many agencies argue there are too many variables to valuate campaigns based
on simple business criteria. We argue, what else is there?

Our team can create beautiful ads, secure credible news stories and engage in powerful consumer interaction. We’re proud of our creative capabilities. Yet, we understand that nobody engages in marketing initiatives for the sole purpose of implementing these sorts of tactics. Beautiful ads that don’t produce a consumer reaction are just art, at best. Editorial placements that fail to communicate key marketing and/or brand image messaging amount to little more than kindling.

The bottom line is your bottom-line…that’s how we judge all marketing campaigns.

How do you reach a large audience
with very little money?
Can you use your head to
make a big impression?
Is it possible to use humor
to make a serious point?
What goes better with
beer than a tree?